Renew, Refresh, & Revive Your Body From The Inside Out With Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

REVIVIFY® ’s patented formula includes ingredients such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and resveratrol, which work at a cellular level to combat free radicals and repair your damaged cells.  The specialized ingredients also work to fight off any new damage that happens on a daily basis.

REVIVIFY® works hard at a cellular level to repair years and years of cellular damage. It will protect you from current "invaders” at the same time. This is the reason why you may not “feel” a big difference for a few weeks after you begin to take REVIVIFY®.

However, let the results speak for themselves:

Despite of not giving attention initially on Revivify Gel, I was tested COVID 19 Positive. Immediately I started taking Revivify Gel. I am diabetes and have many other health issues. Fortunately by taking REVIVIFY GEL right-a-way, I was not hospitalized and recovered with in 7 days. I am about 62 years old and I believe a miracle happened to me and my wife by using Revivify Gel, when daily mortality was more then 1000 people in New York five borrows and long Island. I live in Long-Island. My wife delayed taking the Revivify Gel and she was hospitalized but I believe since she uses Revivify Gel, her recovery was very quick. Thanks to Revivify.
- A. Amanathulla & Family
I am a middle-aged female and was diagnosed with diabetes with high A1c level of about 10.2 % . I was experiencing extreme weakness and fatigue. To my surprise, I felt very motivated and energetic within 3 - 4 days of taking Revivify Gel. I could get back to gardening, which is my favorite past time but had to give up due to weakness.
- M. Nessa
I took my mom to her general practitioner for a regular checkup. She was diabetic and used to take metformin 500 mg twice a day. The doctor found aortic carotid blockage of about 30%. The doctor insisted to show her a specialist. While I waited to get an appointment after almost 3 months, I asked my mother to take Revivify GEL and Stick during this period. After 2 months her glucose level was controlled, she decided to take metformin 500 mg once a day rather than twice a day. Then the most surprising thing happened, when we visited after 3 months to the specialist and found no blockage or inflammation. The aortic carotid had completely vanished. The effects of Revivify Gel surprised me more, even though I was taking the Gel or Stick now and then, especially when I used to feel exhausted, but by taking it would reduce Aortic blockage of 30% is something extra-ordinary.
- S. Hos
I am a Parkinson's Disease [PD] patient since year 2008. From simple 2 to 3 sinamet [carpidopa/levodopa 25/100mg] daily to 8-10 sinamet daily with sinamet wearing effect, with additional supportive medication of Azelact 1 mg [MAO inhibitor], and NEURO-PATCH 6 mg /24 hr I was facing many challenges in late 2018. My mental fog and exhaustion were extreme. I barely felt being myself just couple of hours each day. It was so frustrating but quite helpless because there were no medications to add on. I have been taking Revivify Gel since MAY 2019 when first commercial production was produced and sent overseas. My mental fog is completely gone , the wearing effects are relative much less, I am about to 70 years old, still work from 6 .0 am to 5.0 pm, drive daily about 20 miles one way home to office and do very stressful job of pharmaceutical manufacturing, one of the most regulatory industry in USA. My dopamine producing cells were gone due to atoposis since no cellular repair was not pursued since 2008 to 2018, with very few dopamine producing cells called Substantia Nigra left. I believe if Revivify Gel would available in 2008 I would not be facing the challenges what I had faced all these years. I believe the intervention with Revivify Gel is very much needed when PD is diagnosed and a matter-of-fact other neuro-diseases like MS , AD ETC.
- Anonymous
I live in Florida, in late 2019, one afternoon I saw my Neighbour is off loading some cases seems relatively heavy from his van. Before I could ask him, he said Do you want some? I asked him what is this ? He just said it is very good stuff from New York he got, very good stuff, he repeated and offered me One Box of Revivify Gel. I asked him what it is for? He replied for everything from COVID19 to fatigue to stamina, you name it. I was laughing and said let me try one for my daughter, who was 16 and little slow on learning, she now a days was missing her homework according to her teacher. Since this contains some fruit juices, I did not hesitate to hand over the box to her and said take 1 pouch every morning before going school. I have completely forgotten about this, approximately a week later the school teacher called me and said what you did to your daughter? I was thinking what I did and before I said a word, the teacher said your daughter is doing very well. I couldn't think anything I did different than normal. I asked my daughter what you are taking now a days. She replied Papa I am taking One Gel every morning what you had given me last week. Then I realized that Revivify Gel I got from my neighbor. I literally ran to my neighbor and asked him do you have any more of that Revivify Stuff. He looked at me and said you finished 30 gel in a week, what's the matter with you. I explained my daughter's concentration in study, and both of us silent for a moment and Michael said I TOLD YOU IT BENEFITS IN EVERYTHING!
- E. Mays