Revivify has conducted multiple studies so far and many more are still underway with findings scheduled for publishing in respected medical and health journals. Other studies are presented at multiple medical conventions. The positive attention and interest in Revivify® products by the medical and health community is strong!

We are proud to have obtained a patent for this revolutionary product and still have other patents still in the works – all a part of our next generation of health supplements. Our patent is proof of our supplement’s potency, the quality of its delivery of precious nutrients to the body, and the overall effectiveness of the Revivify® concept.

What is Revivify® Gel?

Revivify® gel is a dietary/food supplement with an integrated composition that benefits healthy living, well-being, anti-aging, and longevity.

How Does Revivify® Help?

Revivify® reduces toxicity in the body. Today’s environmental atmosphere has created health challenges like external environmental pollution and internal cellular by-product toxicity. As a result, the body’s natural healing process has been compromised and needs supplemental assistance to properly combat these toxins.

The healing power of nature recognizes the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. This begins at the cellular level. The building blocks of the body — cells — are dynamic, living units that constantly work toward self-repair and regeneration. The body works hard on its own to support recovery from injury and illness, as illustrated by the natural healing of a simple cut. Damaged or dead cells are replaced daily and any pathogenic intervention is controlled by effective and quick immune cells response to maintain health and well-being.

Industrial modernization is responsible for atmospheric pollution that affects this healing process. Pollutants are found all around us and are unavoidable in today’s world, running the gamut of UV radiation to toxic gases, smoke, various water contaminants, pesticides, antibiotic residuals, etc.

Internal toxicity that affects general healing processes may include aging, excess free radicals, and the imbalance of reactive oxygen species/reactive nitrogen species (ROS/ RNS), etc. The most common free radicals are superoxide, hydroxyl free radicals, peroxyl radicals, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen, and hypochlorite. The body produces its own defense system to counteract these free radicals, which are known as primary and secondary antioxidants. The antioxidant enzyme that is known to combat the popular superoxide free radical is superoxide dismutase (SOD). It plays a vital role in protecting the body from one of the most common and harmful free radicals that occur regularly. External pollutants, food preparation, aging, and other factors impact one’s general health negatively, leaving the body poorly equipped to repair itself.

What is the Solution?

The best solution is to take Revivify® gel daily. Our antioxidant dietary supplement is the only product with the best antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting ingredients, that has a patent granted and has been clinically evaluated.

Why is Revivify® Superior?

Studies confirm that Revivify® neutralizes all of the major free radicals, has strong antioxidant and antiinflammation properties and is effective in improving the immune system. These biological activities reduce the risk of age-related health hazards including neurological functions, cardiovascular functions, metabolic functions, colon functions, skin functions, and more.

Most importantly, the maintenance of healthy immune cells prompts correct immune responses to pathogens. Revivify® is the only product on the market that addresses both cellular health as well as a healthy gut-microbe ecosystem.

Reducing oxidative stress and gut microbes is important in maintaining overall health. Our proprietary blend of melon-sourced superoxide dismutase (patented), soluble prebiotic fiber (patented), and a diverse collection of polyphenols from multiple fruit juices all work toward cellular restoration and a strong gut-microbe ecosystem. (The finished product is also patented.)

As a result, our gel is a unique concept developed specifically to improve healthy living, anti-aging, well-being, and longevity. This is a unique formulation composition that supports an oral delivery system of the antioxidant defense enzyme, SOD, maximum polyphenols, active metabolites and bio-availability, and beneficial gut microbe modulation.

Revivify® is the only dietary supplement that has diverse and significant health benefits due to its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as enhanced immune and anti-infective capabilities. It is virtually impossible to consume the minimum number of antioxidants we need daily simply through what we eat.

Revivify® antioxidant gel is tailored to provide you with the full daily requirement in one easy-to-consume, delicious gel packed with secondary antioxidants from the juices of pomegranates, concord grapes, blueberries, dark and sweet cherries, goji berries, acai berries, and aloe vera, along with polyphenols from resveratrol and green tea extract. With just one gel per day, your body can properly protect itself from degenerative health conditions and experience steady-state energy levels all while silently working as a shield to protect your cellular structures, integrity, and functions.

Completed studies and ongoing research on Revivify® products have shown impressive results that have attracted global attention.

Added Benefits of Revivify®

Well-being is a perception that people have of their health when their lives are going well. It is associated with good health, longevity, mental and physical health, stamina, productivity, and other factors in the physical and social environment. Steady energy levels, physical endurance, and overall strength are key factors in a person’s perception of well-being.

Studies show that through the cellular reparations made possible with Revivify®, these products play a key role in repairing, building, and sustaining the energy levels and physical and mental strength that are important to leading a healthy, productive life.

Special Benefits For Women

Women face many physical and emotional phases during their life cycle. Revivify® can be beneficial in every phase. With their reparative properties, these supplements offer relief from the discomfort associated with a woman’s monthly cycle, lessen the likelihood, frequency, and intensity of urinary infections, provide relief from and lessons the severity of acne outbreaks, and more.

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Look And Feel Your Best

With aging and other environmental pollutants, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, producing wrinkles and other visible signs of aging at the surface level. The skin, as a protective organ, bares the brunt of countless environmental hazards such as UV light exposure, harsh temperature variations, stress effects, and other hazardous toxins. Of all the organs, the skin especially faces the most oxidative stress and therefore, needs healthy skin microbes, sufficient energy, and adequate lipid and water balances to repair itself.

It’s no secret that women, especially, actively and regularly seek ways to minimize these effects, improve their appearance and lessen the signs of aging. Good, reliable skin care plays a major role in achieving these goals. Achieving these goals also plays a key role in a person’s self-confidence and therefore, happiness.

Since ancient times, the antioxidant properties of fruit juices have made them prominent ingredients in all successful skin care regimens. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and soluble fiber are often found in many high-end, expensive cosmetics for this same reason.

However, these expensive cosmetics have only temporary effects because they only work at the surface level. Revivify® gel delivers all three of these important components (antioxidants, SOD, and soluble fiber) in one convenient, affordable, delicious pouch that is consumed so that it can work at the molecular level with lasting effects.