Maximizes & Boosts Your Immune System

Improves Energy Functions

Maintains Digestion & Gut Health

Increases Metabolic Health

Maximizes & Boosts Your Immune System

Rejuvenates Your Skin

Renew, Refresh, & Revive Your Body from the Inside Out with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Renew, Refresh, Revive Your Body from the Inside Out with Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

SOD is a powerful antioxidant and the most influential & beneficial ingredient in REVIVIFY®. We use a proprietary and patent pending* blend of SOD which is something your body already produces. It’s the world’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme that neutralizes the primary free radicals that all cells produce every minute of the day.

Our world-class scientists have a patent pending* technology that extracts SOD at the highest rates ever recorded. Extracted SOD is then compounded with other all-natural antioxidant ingredients to produce amazing balanced gut health, which triggers positive neurological effects for healthy healing and well-being.

Not just any ingredients.

Super Ingredients.

Each ingredient in REVIVIFY® was specifically researched and selected to create this powerful proprietary blend.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) helps regenerate, restore and revive your body to its natural, healthy, and balanced state, which helps you feel and look refreshed and renewed.

Resveratrol aids in maintaining a healthier cardiovascular system, and increases physical well-being.

Natural Polyphenols are among the strongest antioxidants and can repair damaged cells and enhance cellular function.

Soluble Dietary Fiber balances the body’s microbial ecosystem, promotes a healthier digestive system, increases the immune system, and speeds up recovery energy.


What are the Benefits?

Improves Energy Functions

  • Maintains Steady Energy Throughout the Day
  • Improves Focus and Concentration
  • Enhances Alertness & Coordination
  • Induces Good Sleep Patterns

Aids in Digestion & Gut Health

  • Probiotics Aid in Digestive Health
  • Maintains Balance of Good & Bad Intestinal Microbes
  • Maintains Intestinal Lining & Regularity
  • Enhances the Immune Cell’s Health in Digestive System
  • Microbial Fermentation Aids in Gut Health

Improves Metabolic Functions

  • Delays Sugar Absorption
  • Reduces Glycemic Effect After Meals
  • Manages Healthy Lipids Ratio
  • Improves Calcium Absorption

Improves Skin Integrity & Smoothness

  • Enhances Facial Youthfulness & Beauty
  • Helps Maintain Bright & Even-Toned Skin
  • Maintains Elasticity, Skin Integrity & Smoothness

Maximizes & Boosts The Immune System

  • Minimize Cellular Stress

Healthy Living for a Long & Balanced Life

Healthy Living for a Long & Balanced Life

You may not know it, but Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is your body’s own secret weapon to fighting oxidative stress and balancing wellness. Oxidative stress is defined as an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants that can cause you to be more prone to illness and leave you feeling fatigued, sluggish, and slow. Although your body naturally produces SOD to fight this imbalance, it also simultaneously kills off 5% of the SOD created. That’s why REVIVIFY® was developed.

REVIVIFY® is a concentrated form of SOD combined with other powerful antioxidants like goji berry, açai, cherry, and pomegranate, as well as soluble corn fiber to promote healthy digestion and gut flora. REVIVIFY® works on a cellular level.

Convenience is Key, Innovative Packaging On-the-Go

Innovative Packaging On the Go

Our products are packaged with your busy schedule in mind. Our innovative grab-n-go style packaging lets you take your REVIVIFY® with you. Take it to the gym, work, or even outside if you go for a walk or run. Our Gel pack is so easy, just open the pouch and take it in. Our stick pack is perfect to add to your water bottle, your coffee or even a smoothie. Get REVIVIFIED. Stay healthy.


Wellness, From The Inside Out

Wellness from the Inside Out

REVIVIFY® is an innovative, patent pending*, proprietary blend that promotes overall wellness by rejuvenating your body’s cells and enhancing their functions. Our formula’s key ingredient, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), is a concentrated enzyme that helps naturally restore gut health and vital energy, which in turn promotes better focus and mental clarity while simultaneously helping your body rebuild and repair damaged cells.

  • Anti-Aging for Beautiful Skin
  • Healthy Gut Maintenance for Overall Health & Wellness
  • Heart Healthy for Peak Performance

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Our Story

Revivify - Our Story

REVIVIFY® was created by a pharmaceutical scientist with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The scientist suffered from Parkinson’s disease and his wife was diabetic, so he decided to search for something that could help naturally reduce the associated symptoms of these disorders as well as other auto-immune disorders.

He began to compile research regarding cell functions and the diseases associated with them, and he found that super antioxidants can help the body in many ways.

REVIVIFY® was born when he combined SOD with other powerful, all-natural antioxidants. This supplement is 100% safe and it works on a cellular level.

What People Are Saying

Michelle K.

"I’ve always had joint pain in my knees. I’ve been taking Revivify for about a month and a half and my joint pain has reduced significantly. I’m going to keep taking it for that and because so far this winter season I haven’t had the flu or a cold. I’m so happy with how I feel."

Rob C.

"I didn’t believe it when a friend told me that the vitiligo on my face would improve dramatically after taking Revivify. I was like “yeah right.”  Well in about 45 days I was shocked - my skin color had improved by over 60%! To this day, I continue to see improvements and I just feel stronger. My energy and health have never been better."

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*Patent pending pertaining to finished product.