REVIVIFY®  is a high-quality, patented, and advanced health supplement manufactured with primary antioxidants delivered at a cellular level. We are here to change your life!

Our goal is to educate customers on how REVIVIFY®  can benefit them. We promote healthy living, anti-aging, overall well-being, and longevity. See our blogs to start living a healthier lifestyle and find motivation to start or continue your wellness journey.

Many of our customers ask themselves “Why I did not use the product earlier?,” when they try REVIVIFY® for the first time. REVIVIFY is the only health supplement in the market which offers you the benefits of both Primary and Secondary Antioxidants. This enables your body to balance the harmful effects of Oxidative stress exerted on our bodies both by regular metabolic functions and exposure to different toxic elements in the environment.

Our company is based out of New York and can ship our products to anywhere in the world. Because our products are patented (U.S. Patent: 11, 224, 636) you know that we have a one-of-a-kind product that will help you live your best life. Check out the science behind our product and how it works on a cellular level.

Our convenient individual packets are measured perfectly for daily use. They are also convenient for travel. Rip open a packet of REVIVIFY®  Gel and take it straight from the packet or add it to your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. REVIVIFY®  Powder poured straight into your water or into a smoothie. Our cost-effective family container of REVIVIFY®  Powder helps restore and maintain the health of the entire family.

Give us at least 30-60 days to experience a noticeable difference in your stamina and your health conditions. You’ll be revivified!



We intend to create high-quality, advanced health supplements that deliver antioxidants at a cellular level to protect, improve and maintain the health of all human beings.


Improve and maintain a high quality of life and well-being while reducing healthcare costs.


Revivify® is the new generation of dietary supplements that signifies healthy living. The most advanced thought process is applied in the product development which nature has been following for millions of years ago--colonization of beneficial microbes in human body cavities after the birth of a newly born baby. These beneficial microbes are involved in digestion, nutrient absorption, cellular signaling communications, GI lining integrity, production of energy metabolites, and most importantly immunity functions. Any alteration of beneficial gut microbe compositions may lead to a negative impact on well-being.

Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. and its research team discovered simple solutions in healthy living---easy, convenient, oral, and effective, to maintain all body cells' integrity and functions as well as body microbes' healthy eco-system. This integrated system in product development compositions made Revivify an Intellectual property and awarded many patents.

Life is comprehensive cellular functions being digestive, vascular, neurological, metabolic, bone/connective tissue, skin, immunity, and others. After years of research and going through review reports ---Revivify is a resultant solution of cellular rejuvenation that reduces aging-related dysfunction. Revivify also changes the unfavorable gut microbes to favorable gut microbes and can change adverse health effects to beneficial health effects.

All body cells require biological energy of ATP [Adenosine tri phosphate] for functions. At the same time all cells require protection from any toxic pathogens, external or internal, from oxidative damage-------Revivify provides efficiency in energy production and reduces oxidative damage, and prompts immunity protection.

Thus, Revivify is a new concept of healthy living. No comparison with another dietary supplement. Daily dose costs less than a cup of joe/coffee but remarkable in health benefits."


Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. was established in September 1987. From its inception, the firm has manufactured over-the-counter medicines for pain, headaches, antihistamines, antacids, and cough and cold. We have specialized in product formulations and developed many chewable tablets, as well as digestive enzyme tablets with unique formulation concepts. Recently, the firm was awarded a U.S. patent for a product composition (superoxide dismutase soluble fiber composition) which is extremely difficult to produce an oral preparation with effective absorption. This absorption allows the supplement to reach the body at the cellular level. 

The company distributes interstate commerce as a private label, in-house label, also branded labels as “certified plus.” The firm supplies the U.S. Government through a third-party establishment, as well as wholesalers and a discounted chain supplier.

Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. started with a leased building of 7500 sq. ft. in New York. We now own an 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art independent building with a huge production capacity and a well-designed warehouse.