Revivify Benefits
1. Boosts immune system
2. Improves gut health
3. Aids with stress
4. Balance metabolic function
5. Skin & cardiovascular support

The Power of Nature

Superoxide dismutase soluble fiber composition.
US patent- 11 224 636

Revivify Pro-Vitality Antioxidant Fruit (Oral) Gel (Revivify Gel)
Integration of cellular health and gut health with a balanced eco-system is essential for healthy living
Sugar Metabolism (Diabetes Related)
Cholesterol Metabolism (Heart Related)
The main source of cellular energy is a simple sugar (glucose). Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.
The main purpose of cholesterol is to keep cell membranes intact.

Excess/high sugar in the blood
Excess cholesterol in blood vessels/artery blockage/clots

Focus on Cellular Oxidative Stress (OS)

OS is a hidden danger that cannot be seen, touched and felt, and is a most dangerous pathway of human physiological activity which is not part of our daily thought process.

Sugar (Glucose)
Glucose Utilization
(Maximum if cells are stress free)
If cells are stressed it fails to be efficient in energy production ATP
Cholesterol Utilization
(Maximum if cells are stress free)
If cells are stressed it fails to utilize Cholesterol LDL-c properly
This occurs due to Pancreatic Cell not producing enough Insulin/Insulin Resistance.
This is the single most reason for blockage, clotting, or others blood vessel hardening.

Our priority should be to have a Antioxidant defense system for all cells. Revivify Gel study showed a strong Antioxidant capability as an attenuation of biomarker (8-Isoprostane).

Partnership with your Pro-Biotic Gut Microbes.

The concept of healthy living evolved millions of year ago when a commitment made between human and mutualistic group of microbes……."Provide food and shelter in exchange of protection of your health (host) which you cannot do yourself".

Though it is not quite fully understood, the same principle is followed today. When a baby is born, the microbes start colonizing into the gut forming two living units in one body, the living body cells and live gut microbes. Our formulations composition is designed to maintain both cellular integrity and good gut-eco system. This is essential for us to live a healthy life through wellbeing.

Revivify Gel study showed Modulation of Lactobacillus and increased production of Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFAs) particularly butyrate.

Sugar (Glucose) Effect:

1. Provides GLP-1 hormone which increases insulin secretion.
2. During fermentation it produces B-Vitamins which are essential in the energy production process of ATP.

Cholesterol Effect:

1. The lactobacillus converts systemic cholesterol into coprostanol and is excreted through feces.
2. Cholesterol used in bile acid with microbial influence to primary and secondary bile salt for excretion.

Revivify gel showed to reduce cellular oxidative stress and prevent gut microbes dys-biosis, thus benefits the Sugar and Cholesterol balances to acceptable range.

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